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Do you enjoy surfing, playing games, and finding things to do on the web all of which are free? Below are links to my favorite sites. Feel free to browse, visit a few places, or e-mail me with a link that you think I should add. Most of all have fun. Check back often as I will be adding new sites. Thank's for visiting!


Most of these sites will pay you for hours of surf time.  If you have a lot of friends you can make some serious money!!  I make enough to pay for my internet expenses.   Give them a try, why not, they're FREE so you have nothing to lose, and only money to gain!!

Spedia is up & running, their adbar is ready for download.   They have 4 different ways you can earn points which can be cashed in.


Desktop Dollars has launched!! Be patient they are adjusting their website to acommodate the high traffic, so if you try once and they seem to be down, come back & try later.

Goto World has added a new option allowing you to view just the banner, without using their browser!  To do this right click on the green dollar sign & you should get an option to view banner only.   They are up & mailng checks,    

banner36356.gif (8400 bytes)

Desktop Horizon is just starting up,  They are back online, they had a problem with people spamming, 

valupay.gif (7039 bytes)

Valuepay is one that will work great  while using other ad viewers.


DotAd hasn't released 'Harry' yet. Be patient.



AllAdvantage has just changed, you may now download the adbar the day you join!!!  They have already sent out checks.  This is one of my favorite sites.


Epipo is another site getting ready to launch, why wait for your friends to join before you?


Utopiad has started downloading their adbar, they are offering it to a group of people at a time to avoid the rush that sites have had.   Join now don't get left out.


Surfing2Cash has another option of getting paid, you can choose to make it your start page & get paid for that also.


ItAdsUp is new an will be ready later..

I want to STRESS that none of the ads above are mlm or money making schemes!  They just offer to pay you for having an ad window open on your browser while you surf.  It's been my experience that they do not interfere with your enjoyment of the web,  & if you really feel that the ad bar is in your way you can simply close it until a later time.  Most of the sites at this time are limiting their hours to 40 a month, all the more reason to join all of them so you can divide your time between each and get the full benefit of your surf time.  Most offer 4-5 levels of referrals, once again, it is not "selling" anything to anyone.  You get paid even if it is just you yourself, but why not share the wealth and earn a little extra in the process?   Remember they are all FREE to join!!

Now, Let's Talk Email !!


Send More Info, pays a nickel for every e-mail that you read, they also have an option to send non spamming e-mail to their members.


They are paying cash, if you don't like getting e-mail ads to your regular address, use this new e-mail address just for  this stuff.   Play for FREE! Win CASH!